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You are a philosopher, Thrasymachus, I replied, and well know that if you ask a person what numbers make up twelve, taking care to prohibit him whom you ask from answering twice six, or three times four, or six times two, or four times three,
and his answering immediately to the last question: Oh
My dearest Catherine, I received your two kind letters with the greatest delight, and have a thousand apologies to make for not answering them sooner.
On the other hand, things are said to be named 'univocally' which have both the name and the definition answering to the name in common.
Who would chirp you to sleep, or call for you the covey of answering birds?
I get awful homesick for them, all the same,' she murmured, as if she were answering some remembered reproach.
MY DEAR MAGDALEN -- I have deferred answering your letter, in consequence of the distracted state of my mind, which made me unfit to write to you.
Why, one branch of hawthorn against the sky promises more than all the summers of time can pay, and a pond ablaze with yellow lilies awakens such answering splendours and enchantments in mortal bosoms,--blazons, it would seem, so august a message from the hidden heart of the world,--that ever afterwards, for one who has looked upon it, the most fortunate human existence must seem a disappointment.
They were both pale; and there was an answering horror in their eyes.
In the drama the result is far from answering to the poet's expectation.
The overthrown Martian set up a prolonged ululation, and imme- diately a second glittering giant, answering him, appeared over the trees to the south.
Kutuzov turned round without answering and his eye happened to fall upon Prince Andrew, who was beside him.