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[ant(i)- + Greek algos, pain + -ic.]
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(ˌænˈtældʒɪk) med
relieving or reducing pain
a pain-relieving drug
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Physical examination revealed an antalgic gait and tenderness at the lower lumbar region and left posterior iliac and sacral region.
During the acute phase, treatment should be focused on the symptoms, using antipyretic and antalgic therapies.
[3] The most frequently reported clinical symptoms include persistent lower back pain and antalgic gait, [2-6] while several authors also report a positive straight leg raise test.
The second admission took place after two months of chronic home treatment with neurotrophic, antihypertensive, antiaggregant, anxiolytic and antalgic drugs.
On examination he had an antalgic gait with a stooped posture and slight bending towards the right side.
Eosinophilic granuloma often presents with pain, swelling, or antalgic gait in very young patients between the age of 1 and 4 years.
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Pertinent physical exam findings included the following: no tension signs, right antalgic gait, right paraspinal tenderness, and normal lumbar spine range of motion.
On initial presentation, the patient had an antalgic gait, which he attributed to his history of dopa-responsive dystonia.
The presenting signs and symptoms are mainly pubic pain, antalgic gait, pain with hip motion, and occasional presence of fever.
Clinical exam revealed an antalgic gait with limitations in flexion and internal rotation of the hip.