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[ant(i)- + Greek algos, pain + -ic.]


(ˌænˈtældʒɪk) med
relieving or reducing pain
a pain-relieving drug
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On examination he had an antalgic gait with a stooped posture and slight bending towards the right side.
He has an antalgic gait and is unable to bear weight on the right foot due to pain.
Therefore, we considered that the moxibustion upon tender point had an antalgic effect on DOMS.
For all of the experimental mice, the analgesic effect was displayed by the pain inhibition ratio (PIR) and prolongation of the antalgic latency ([DELTA]AL), which were calculated according to formulas (1) and (2):
Examination revealed an antalgic gait affecting the right leg, indicating pain with weight bearing on the right side.
On examination there was mild swelling of the proximal aspect of the toe as well as antalgic gait.
Physical examination revealed antalgic gait, tenderness over the medial femoral and tibial condyles and minimal effusion.
On physical examination, she was found to have moderate pes cavus bilaterally and an antalgic gait.
The anticoagulant oral treatment was ceased, an antibiotic, antalgic and hemostatic treatment was established, associated with the hepatoprotective, antihypertensive, diuretic, phlebotropic treatment, with a quasi-complete reabsorption of the right popliteal hematoma and resuming of walking autonomy.