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However, these relationships become upended in a rich antanaclasis of grounds and groundedness.
Lope usa el recurso de antanaclasis con "caso" (DRAE 1729, 216.2: acontecimiento, suceso notorio) y "el dia que te caso" (de matrimonio, casamiento); (45) y a la "triste melancolia" del primer verso, repite la sensacion de infelicidad con "ber en ti tan triste dia".
Tsou presents students, academics, and researchers with a reconceptualization of Asian American literature based on the classical tropes of allegory, catachresis, apophasis, antanaclasis, and the rhetorical question.
Defining pun is a variety of a usually humorous play on words involving the multiple meanings of an expression or two expressions that sound similar .There are some kinds of pun which are antanaclasis , paronomasia , syllepsis.
Professors Berger, Corbett, and Connors identify the classically identified tropes as metaphor, simile, synecdoche, and metonymy; puns; antanaclasis (or repetition of a word in two different senses); paronomasia (use of words that sound alike but have different meanings); periphrasis (substitution of a descriptive word for a proper name or of a proper name for a quality associated with the name); personification; hyperbole; litotes (deliberate use of understatement); rhetorical question; irony; onomatopoeia; oxymoron; and paradox.
It is characteristic that Epstein has little to say about the language of the book, except that it works to ensure a wild comedy and that it consists of two types of puns: paronomasia (the alteration of words to make new words that contain the meanings of the words contained within them) and antanaclasis (the use of homonyms, particularly those that have opposing meanings).