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Going before; preceding.
1. One that precedes another.
a. A preceding occurrence, cause, or event. See Synonyms at cause.
b. antecedents The important events and occurrences in one's early life.
3. antecedents One's ancestors.
4. Grammar The word, phrase, or clause that determines what a pronoun refers to, as the children in The teacher asked the children where they were going.
5. Mathematics The first term of a ratio.
6. Logic The conditional member of a hypothetical proposition.

an′te·ce′dent·ly adv.


in an antecedent manner
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Adv.1.antecedently - at an earlier time or formerly; "she had previously lived in Chicago"; "he was previously president of a bank"; "better than anything previously proposed"; "a previously unquestioned attitude"; "antecedently arranged"
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Belief in the existence of things outside my own biography exists antecedently to evidence, and can only be destroyed, if at all, by a long course of philosophic doubt.
It's not worthwhile because it is antecedently good for me, independently of its worth in light of their plight.
what he really wanted out of the (possibly bad) actions he was antecedently inclined to perform.
With respect to rules, the stakes are lower even if the rules are not formulated antecedently in legislative style, through notice-and-comment proceedings, so that the agency qua adjudicator formulates rules as rationales in the process of application.
That is, once a user's authorization gets expired, he/she ought to not possess the privilege of accessing the antecedently and later on shared information.
2) One can learn new concepts only by creating and confirming hypotheses formulated in terms of logical constructions from antecedently available primitive concepts.
According to pragmatist philosopher John Dewey, science should overthrow 'the notion, which has ruled philosophy since the time of the Greeks, that the office of knowledge is to uncover the antecedently real, rather than, as is the case with our practical judgments, to gain the kind of understanding which is necessary to deal with problems as they arise.
Is there any sensible way of moving from this liberty of dependence to the antecedently specifiable norms and principles of a free society?
To kill a suspect outright, no matter how much surveillance work may have antecedently been done on the suspect, is not morally justified.
The Talacasto River flows antecedently to the mountain range and controlled by one of the E-W fractures, but their north and south tributaries are arranged in the direction of stratification and main faulting, which indicates a strong lithological and structural control.
Stanton, Bachiochi, Robie, Perez, and Smith (2002) found that the two variables are related but in distinct way or inversely, conventionally job stress and job satisfaction have been seen as antecedently associated.
With its focus on "context effects," behavioral economics is methodologically skeptical of the existence of antecedently existing individual preferences.