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Adj.1.antecubital - of or relating to the region of the arm in front of the elbowantecubital - of or relating to the region of the arm in front of the elbow; "blood was drawn from the antecubital region"
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a. antecubital, en posición anterior al codo.
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Venous blood sample was collected from the antecubital vein (2 ml) in a disposable syringe between 1- 2 pm to avoid diurnal variation and analysis was done within half an hour to avoid variations due to storage.
With use of a 21-gauge winged blood collection set (Becton Dickinson), blood was drawn from the antecubital vein by a two-syringe technique into 3-mL syringes containing 50 [micro]L of either phosphate-buffered saline, pH 7.4 (PBS; Sigma Chemical Co.), or inhibitor diluted in PBS.
Skin is dry and scaly over the entire body, although the antecubital and popliteal fossa may be uninvolved.
A post-mortem examination carried out by Dr Jason Shannon found that Mr James had an "extensive wound of the right antecubital fossa with exposure of major blood vessels."
[2] We report a case of leiomyoma that developed on antecubital fossa with an unusual onset.
He felt a "pop" at the time of injury with subsequent pain in the antecubital fossa and weakness upon attempted biceps curling.
After fluorescein is injected into the antecubital vein, the time it takes to reach the eye depends upon the patient's arm-to-retina circulation time.
Transthoracic echocardiogram combined with agitated saline injections through left and right antecubital veins provides a simple but elegant study for rapid bedside diagnosis.7
After informed consent of patients about 2-3 ml of blood samples were collected from the antecubital vein in EDTA vials.
These rashes were different from the rashes he described as his history of AD, which consisted of pruritic and erythematous skin in his antecubital and popliteal fossae.
The samples were taken through antecubital veins using aseptic technique and the hemoglobin was analyzed using Medonic M-series M32 Hematology Analyzer.
The phlebotomist ties the tourniquet around the patient's arm and searches the antecubital area for a good vein.