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n. pl. an·te·fix·es or an·te·fix·a (-fĭk′sə)
An upright ornament along the eaves of a tiled roof designed to conceal the joints between the rows of tiles.

[From Latin antefīxa, pl. of antefīxum, something fastened in front, from antefīxus, fastened in front : ante-, ante- + fīxus, fastened, past participle of fīgere, to fasten; see dhīgw- in Indo-European roots.]

an′te·fix′al adj.


n, pl -fixes or -fixa (-ˌfɪksə)
(Architecture) a carved ornament at the eaves of a roof to hide the joint between the tiles
[C19: from Latin antefixa (things) fastened in front, from fīgere to fix]
antefixal adj


(ˈæn təˌfɪks)

n., pl. -fix•es, -fix•a (-ˌfɪk sə)
an upright ornament at the eaves of a tiled roof, to conceal the foot of a row of tiles that cover the joints of the roofing tiles.
[1825–35; < Latin antefīxa, neuter pl. of antefīxus fastened in front]
an`te•fix′al, adj.
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Noun1.antefix - carved ornament at the eaves of a tile roof concealing the joints between tilesantefix - carved ornament at the eaves of a tile roof concealing the joints between tiles
architectural ornament - (architecture) something added to a building to improve its appearance
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The incorporation of architectural material salvaged from the nearby sanctuary of Artemis suggests that Metaponto's civic religion had declined along with the city (though might the apparent display, in the one of the farm's rooms, of a 500-year-old antefix, presumably from the sanctuary, indicate some religious continuity?
The legion's emblem was a charging boar and this, together with the legion's name, appears on triangular antefix - or end caps for ridge tiles - which were also produced at the Holt depot.
The dig also unearthed part of a sculpture of a horse and an antefix, a giant mask depicting a Gorgon or mythological beast dating from the 2nd century AD.