intravenous pyelography

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intravenous pyelogram

n. Abbr. IVP
1. An x-ray of the renal pelvises and the urinary tract made with a radiopaque contrast medium that is injected intravenously and excreted by the kidneys.
2. The procedure by which such an x-ray is generated.

intravenous pyelography n.
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intravenous pyelography

(IVP) A diagnostic method of examining the urinary system using X-rays and an opaque solution injected into the veins to produce images called pyelograms.
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Noun1.intravenous pyelography - performing pyelography with intravenous injection of a contrast medium
pyelography - roentgenography of the kidney and ureters (usually after injection with a radiopaque dye)
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For ureteral stent placement procedure, antegrade pyelography containing whole ureteric segments and the ureterovesical junction was performed by contrast material injection via the nephrostomy catheter, and pathology of the ureter such as stricture, occlusion, or leakage was demonstrated.
(A) Preoperative antegrade pyelography; (B) Stent inserted through the ureteral gap (after resection) renal pelvis marked by arrow, proximal ureter by double arrow; (C) postoperative retrograde pyelography.
At 10 days after nephrostomy tube insertion, a right percutaneous antegrade pyelography showed that the obstruction due to ureteral stones was vanishing and the nephrostomy tube was extracted.