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Preceding death.

[From Latin ante mortem, before death : ante, before; see ante- + mortem, accusative of mors, mort-, death; see mortal.]


or an•te-mor•tem

(ˌæn tiˈmɔr təm)

before death: an antemortem confession.
[1880–85; < Latin]
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Adj.1.antemortem - preceding deathantemortem - preceding death; "antemortem confession"
postmortal, postmortem - occurring or done after death; "postmortem changes"; "a postmortem examination to determine cause of death"; "postmortal wounds"
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We scored eighteen individuals for caries presence, severity, and antemortem tooth loss.
When rabies is suspected, antemortem diagnosis requires testing of serum, saliva, CSF, and a nuchal skin biopsy.
Previous antemortem and postmortem tissue fatty acid composition studies have observed significant deficits in the omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA, 22:6n-3) in red blood cell (RBC) and postmortem cortical membranes of patients with unipolar depression.
He said: "The official veterinarian would be trained and qualified to carry out the duties from the start to the end of the slaughter process including antemortem inspections."
Las marcas de estres ocupacional que delatan una actividad fisica intensa relacionada con las caminatas de larga distancia, la presencia de procesos infecciosos o la perdida antemortem de los incisivos centrales, son pistas que en conjunto con la informacion historica e iconografica, permitieron llegar a la conclusion de que podria tratarse de guerreros mexicas caidos en combate.
A missed injury was defined as one that was found at autopsy but was not mentioned in the medical records or in any antemortem radiological report.
For example, dental hygienists who are not interested in working with the recovered bodies at autopsy can volunteer in the section dealing with antemortem records.
The modality's multiplanar capability allows the diagnosis of various diseases and thus helps guide its treatment.2 The incidence of metastasis to pituitary varies from 0.14% to 28.1% of all brain metastasis.3 Isolated pituitary stalk metastasis accounts for only 2% of pituitary gland metastasis.4 Breast cancer and lung cancer are the most common primary sites, in women and men respectively, which metastasize to the pituitary.3 An antemortem diagnosis of pituitary stalk metastasis of breast cancer was usually made by MRI without histological confirmation.5 Pituitary metastases more commonly affect the posterior lobe and the infundibulum than the anterior lobe.3
Histochemical distinction between antemortem and postmortem skin wounds.
The law mandated antemortem inspection of livestock, postmortem inspection of each carcass and the continuous inspection of slaughter by U.S.
Antemortem interventions like heparin administration and cannulation of femoral vessels are the standard of care in some countries and may improve the quality of organs procured and outcomes of transplantation.
With less than 5% of diagnosis made antemortem, a high index of suspicion should exist in any patient with past history of melanoma and new complaints related to gastrointestinal tract, anemia, and malabsorption.