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Thus, the scapula is a strategic joint during anteposition movements of the shoulder regarding lateral-medial displacement and counterbalance of the trunk through changes in its center of rotation.
Two graduated masks (cm) were placed on the inside and outside to measure the subject's shoulder anteposition movement, with a precision of up to 0.5 centimeters.
Linearly, they appear between the noun and a numeral -or a possessive and a numeral-, and trying to place them before the numeral or possessive gives ungrammatical results (2), in the same way that English rejects the anteposition of any other adjective before a numeral-determiner (3).
Cependant, il semble globalement plus naturel de placer le pronom en finale, ce qui revient a attribuer un statut particulierement marque a son anteposition et accentuation.
To conclude, the statistics show that there is a certain correlation between the modality of perception and the syntactic position of the perceived participant in the infinitival construction: auditory perception concurs more easily with anteposition, visual perception with postposition.
In these nominal term structures the adjectival component is as a rule in postposited place (by contrast to the usual anteposition of a concordant attribute in free word combinations or in other types of established word combinations).
However, the mechanism of leftdislocation is independent of the possible anteposition of the pronominal constituent, as demonstrated in the alternative pattern of (i):