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n. pl. vit·rec·to·mies
Surgical removal of the vitreous humor from the eyeball.


n, pl -mies
(Surgery) the surgical removal of the vitreous fluid from the eye
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Noun1.vitrectomy - a surgical procedure that removes the vitreous humor and replace it with saline solution
eye operation, eye surgery - any surgical procedure involving the eyes


n. vitrectomía, extirpación de todo o parte del humor vítreo del ojo. Se recomienda a veces en casos avanzados de retinopatía proliferativa diabética.
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Color photographs demonstrate capsular tension ring insertion, IOL placement following posterior tears, sulcus fixation, iris suture fixation, glued IOL techniques, the Yamane double-needle techniques, and the pars plana approach to anterior vitrectomy. A companion website provides narrated instructional videos of the surgical techniques.
Tenders are invited for Supply of phaco with anterior vitrectomy for ophthalmology snmc
The phacoemulsification ophthalmic surgical systems can also be used for anterior vitrectomy. There is an increase in number of ophthalmic surgery in the resent few years.
Then under high magnification posterior capsulorrhexis was done by automated cutter and anterior vitrectomy was performed.
The patient underwent pars plana anterior vitrectomy, dislocated IOL explantation through corneal incision, and fixation of 3-piece posterior chamber IOL (Alcon Acrysof MA60AC, Alcon Laboratories, USA) to iris under general anesthesia.
The patient underwent a complicated cataract surgery (posterior capsule rupture and anterior vitrectomy) with implantation of a 3-piece foldable IOL in the sulcus and a recommended dose (1 mg/0.1 mL) of cefuroxime was injected into the anterior chamber.
Primary posterior capsulorhexis with and without anterior vitrectomy in congenital cataracts.
Primary anterior capsulorhexis, posterior capsulorhexis, and anterior vitrectomy are routinely performed if an intraocular lens (IOL) will not be implanted.
The Swedish National Cataract Register had an overall PCR rate of 2.1%, one study reported a rate of 4.9% and another reported a rate of 4.1%.17-19 CNDEMA included vitrectomy as part of PCR rates as it believed that the majority of cases may prompt an anterior vitrectomy.8 In our patients, not all PCR necessarily resulted in an anterior vitrectomy.
Anterior vitrectomy was performed only in Case 1 to remove the vitreous that had herniated into the posterior capsule tear.
Anterior vitrectomy was done in 15 cases and core vitrectomy was done in 10 cases who had dropped nucleus.
Initial wound repair lens matter aspiration and anterior vitrectomy were done in 7 (38.88%) patients.

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