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1. Placed before or in front.
2. Occurring before in time; earlier.
3. Anatomy
a. Located near or toward the head in lower animals.
b. Located on or near the front of the body in higher animals.
c. Located on or near the front of an organ or on the ventral surface of the body in humans.
4. Botany In front of and facing away from the axis or stem.

[Latin, comparative of ante, before; see ant- in Indo-European roots.]

an·te′ri·or′i·ty (-ôr′ĭ-tē, -ŏr′-) n.
an·te′ri·or·ly adv.
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Noun1.anteriority - the quality of being in front or (in lower animals) toward the headanteriority - the quality of being in front or (in lower animals) toward the head
spatial relation, position - the spatial property of a place where or way in which something is situated; "the position of the hands on the clock"; "he specified the spatial relations of every piece of furniture on the stage"
posteriority - the quality of being toward the back or toward the rear end
2.anteriority - preceding in time
earliness - quality of coming early or earlier in time
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Thus, she thinks the way out is firstly to acknowledge a definitive future anteriority, a "to comeness" and a "will have happened" quality.
Accordingly, in Kant's existence can be felt and even though it may not be conceptualized, its anteriority and its unique relationship with the sentiment cannot be moved away.
From this reviewer's perspective, the differences in interpretation of the opposition in question are not dramatic, though, with different focus on anteriority vs.
The point is not that Defoe's readers are wrong in their characterization of the uses to which casuistry or the state of necessity are put in his work; rather, the problem is that the very language of "circumstances" and "cases" presupposes necessity as an objective and clearly demarcated site, a kind of mythical anteriority where one might, by good or ill, find oneself.
This last topic is taken again in the second chapter of the first part, where the authors discuss "the tricky anteriority of literature".
The problem with the older date is its anteriority to any documented farming economy in the whole Iberian Peninsula
While aval is often glossed as "feminine" it also implies ideas of beginning, birth, anteriority, internality.
Materialism does not mean the priority or anteriority of the body over thought, but the expressive power of the body to pass from silence to the production of sense beyond the established image of thought: being as voice and vital clamor.
They are chosen, not for their anteriority, but for their generality, as they replicate, in the writer's view, significant existential problems.
The hierarchies and the emergent position generate tension between the anteriority of the given structures and the posteriority of the implicit action in the new position.
9) While this retreat from her former, living self clearly indexes the primary dichotomy of life and death (Ryan, Umschlag und Verwandlung 124; Tschiedel 294), it more specifically corresponds to a figurative neutralization of anteriority in the context ofintersubjective memory that will be finalized in her climactic non-recognition of Orpheus.
Neither agent expresses any desire to forestall the devastating war relative to which they exist in a confounding condition both of anteriority and posteriority.