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1. accounts payable
2. advanced placement
3. American plan
4. antipersonnel
5. Associated Press
6. author's proof
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son of: occurring as part of some surnames of Welsh origin: ap Thomas.
[from Welsh mab son]


abbreviation for
1. (Law) Air Police
2. (Journalism & Publishing) Associated Press
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1. adjective phrase.
2. Trademark. Advanced Placement (Program).
3. Air Police.
4. American plan.
5. antipersonnel.
6. Associated Press.
7. author's proof.


var. of ad- before p: appear.


var. of apo- before a vowel or h: aphelion.


1. Apostle.
2. Apothecaries'.
3. April.


or a/p,

1. account paid.
2. accounts payable.
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The results of stone size, area and anteroposterior pelvic diameter according to spontaneous passage status Spontaneous Spontaneous p passage (+) passage (-) Axial 4.1[+ or -]1.1 5.7[+ or -]1.6 <0.001 Coronal 3.9[+ or -]1.2 6.1[+ or -]1.8 <0.001 Largest stone 4.47[+ or -]1.26 6.47[+ or -]1.70 <0.001 Stone area 17.33[+ or -]10.64 37.48[+ or -]20.70 <0.001 AP pelvic diameter 14.10[+ or -]4.46 17.09[+ or -]7.81 <0.001 AP: Anteroposterior Table 2.
The Objective of this Study was to determine the correlation of the skeletal (ANB angle) with dental (molar)malocclusion in the anteroposterior plane.
A total of 70% of our study sample had hematuria, bedside USG revealed hydronephrosis in 21% of the cases, and there was no statistically significant difference between these patients in terms of measured pre-treatment (0 min) and post-treatment (30 min) anteroposterior diameter values (Table 5).
The vertical (Fz), anteroposterior (Fx), and mediolateral (Fy) components of ground reaction force were assessed from the point of foot contact until the end of balancing time.
In our study, we investigated the effect of renal pelvic anteroposterior diameter (APD) on the fate of isolated unilateral high-grade antenatal HN.
Quantitative assessment included scleral lake height and scleral lake anteroposterior extent measurements (SL height and SL a-p extent).
Caption: Figure 2: Pelvis anteroposterior radiograph showing the neglected hip dislocation of both hips.
Since, approximately, 63% to 85% of the FBs are radioopaque, a simple anteroposterior and lateral X-ray of the thorax and neck can confirm the location, the number of FBs ingested, the size, the shape of the object, and the presence of complications.
It is oval, wider behind, with its greatest diameter being anteroposterior. It contains the lower end of the medulla oblongata, meninges, vertebral arteries, and the spinal accessory nerve [1].
The narrowest part above the tracheal bifurcation was 2 cm long and the anteroposterior diameter was [less than or equal to]6 mm, but the patency of the upper part of the trachea was adequate for insertion of a tracheal tube of 7-mm ID.

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