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v. an·thol·o·gized, an·thol·o·giz·ing, an·thol·o·giz·es
To compile or publish an anthology.
To include (material) in an anthology.

an·thol′o·gist, an·thol′o·giz′er n.


(ænˈθɒləˌdʒaɪzə) or


an anthologist; a creator of an anthology
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The pinnacle poem of Retro Rogue, Coleman's "Keeping Things Honest," after Strand's poem "Keeping Things Whole," pits Coleman-as-rogue-anthologiser against Strand, the "authorized" anthologiser.
The degree of attention paid to Strand and his poem suggests that Coleman's interest and critique are drawn to Strand and, more so, to what he represents: poetic recognition and stature, the power of the anthologiser, white male assumptions of cultural universality, exclusivity, a preoccupation with the self in modern poetry.
8) As an anthologiser he complained that 'he had to wade through oceans of bad poetry "where not a fish is to be caught'".
The final chapter of "A Town" states simply that the young girl's volume of poetry was accepted for publication by DJ Opperman (the influental poet, anthologiser and reader for publishing houses who became Krog's mentor) and that it would be published by Human & Rousseau.
It is a truly breathtaking enterprise, and, Bloodaxe, always the most inventive and comprehensive of anthologisers, have surpassed themselves.
The second part of this extraordinary essay, often considered to be superfluous by anthologisers, explores the issues of acknowledging others as an ethics of aesthetic experience, especially of and in the theatre.
I was struck then that the apartheid security police were often better anthologisers.
Female poets had a hard time of it from critics and from anthologisers such as Curnow, Chapman and Bennett, Doyle and Baysting.