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Frequenting flowers, especially to feed on nectar or pollen.


1. (Zoology) (esp of insects) frequenting flowers
2. (Zoology) feeding on flowers


(ænˈθɒf ə ləs)

also an•thoph•a•gous

(-ə gəs)

feeding on flowers, as certain insects.
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Adj.1.anthophilous - feeding on flowersanthophilous - feeding on flowers; "some insects are anthophagous"
herbivorous - feeding only on plants
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Flowers and insects: contributions to an account of the ecological relations of the entomophilous flora and the anthophilous insect fauna of the neighborhood of Carlinville, Illinois.
We argue that blaming low fruit set on the performance of a discrete lineage of anthophilous insects as poor pollinia vectors must be approached with caution for two reasons.
Unlike females of an anthophilous thomisid, Misumena vatia (Clerck 1757), which build their reproductive nests on leaves, far away from their typical hunting site, flowers (Morse 1985), X.