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A crystalline aromatic hydrocarbon, C14H10, extracted from coal tar and used in the manufacture of dyes and organic chemicals.

[Greek anthrax, anthrak-, charcoal + -ene.]


(Elements & Compounds) a colourless tricyclic crystalline solid having a slight blue fluorescence, used in the manufacture of chemicals, esp diphenylamine and alizarin, and as crystals in scintillation counters. Formula: C6H4(CH)2C6H4
[C19: from anthrax + -ene]


(ˈæn θrəˌsin)

a colorless, crystalline powder, C14H10, obtained from coal tar, used chiefly as a source of anthraquinone and alizarin.
[1860–65; < Greek ánthrax coal + -ene]
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