anthracite coal

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Noun1.anthracite coal - a hard natural coal that burns slowly and gives intense heat
coal - fossil fuel consisting of carbonized vegetable matter deposited in the Carboniferous period
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Its vivid yellows fairly screamed aloud; its whites were as eider down; its blacks glossy as the finest anthracite coal, and its coat long and shaggy as a mountain goat.
Such is the Burning Mountain, on Powder River, abounding with anthracite coal.
The newspapers, in 1902 of that era, credited the president of the Anthracite Coal Trust, George F.
Aberpergwm's high quality anthracite coal is a relatively rare resource worldwide.
The original design depth of anthracite coal is 18 inches.
The two mines produce low sulfur, high-Btu, anthracite coal with approximately 34.
The 25-strong syndicate, members of one shift at an opencast anthracite coal mine near Swansea, scooped pounds 84,720 in Saturday's draw.
Mr Cooke said the anthracite coal market remains buoyant, with coal prices starting to recover globally.
They include the Mount Klappan anthracite coal deposits in British Columbia, as well as the wholly owned NICO cobalt-gold-bismuth deposit, the Sue-Dianne copper-silver deposit and other base and precious metals exploration projects in the Northwest Territories.
China Unienergy is a profitable anthracite coal producer based in Guizhou, a southwest province in China.
It claimed it controls one of the largest high-quality anthracite coal reserves, not only in the UK but in Europe, and is "ideally placed to take advantage of the high demand for this commodity".
It will conduct tests using anthracite coal and petroleum coke fuels in both pulverized-coal and circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boilers under a wide range of operating conditions and with different degrees of oxy-coal combustion.