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Wang, The Comparative Study on the Rapid Decolorization of Azo, Anthraquinone and Triphenylmethane Dyes by Zero-Valent Iron, Chem.
pink, green, or a combination, are edible, but the green leaves are toxic when eaten in large amounts, due to high levels of oxalates and anthraquinone glycosides.
Organic pigments are classified as azopigments, polycyclic pigments, and anthraquinone pigments.
Drimarene Blue K2RL(4-((2,5-dichloro-6-fluropyrimidin-4-yl)amino)-9,10dioxo8a,9,10,10a-tetrahydroanthracene-1-aminium)is reactive anthraquinone dye which is freely soluble, discharged in wastewater of dying industry (Siddiqui et al.
Inhibition of mitosis results due to binding of the extract with the cell proteins that will bring out cell division [25] and this may be due to existence of glycoside particularly anthraquinone glycosides, and phenolic compounds accountable for anti-mitotic activity [24].
25 [micro]g/ml when it was combined with either anthraquinone (AQ1 or AQ2) for both strains, whereas the individual SMIC 50 value of AQ1 dropped 4-fold in combination with AmB for C.
Anthraquinone was found significantly more effective than methylanthranilate when repellent treated seeds of wheat were offered to house crows.
On the contrary, our previous study revealed that an anthraquinone analogue downregulated Pglycoprotein expression in K562/DOX cells via generation of ROS [12], and Emel'yanov et al.
Acid Violet 43 a synthetic dye, commercially known as Jarocol 43, mostly referred to as anthraquinone generally.
These dyes contain chromophoric groups such as azo, anthraquinone, triarylmethane etc.
The most important are alkaloids, glycosides, saponins, flavonoids, steroids, anthraquinone and tannic acid.