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Adj.1.anthropical - relating to mankind or the period of mankind's existenceanthropical - relating to mankind or the period of mankind's existence
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It is through this logical syntax that a self-modeling (conscious) entity couples "anthropically" to its universe and "metatautologically" identifies itself in contradistinction from its environment and vice versa (for an explanation of the metatautology concept, keep reading).
The soil of the hills west and east of the banks in the Mures Couloir are mainly brown eumesobasic soils and brown illuvial argillaceous soils, which can be found in standard formats on the wide flat peaks and in various stages of erosion on the slopes, where they are frequently combined with regosols and even erodisols, often anthropically modified by means of earthwork and fertilisation.
This was the first report that pig-farming wastewater had been bio-treated using anthropically acclimated cyanobacteria to reduce water pollution.
Overall, the dynamics of natural systems is described by two theories: the theory of succession cycles (Botnariuc and Vadineanu, 1982) distinguishes a primary succession, consisting of the initial installment of a biocoenose where no other biocoenoses existed, or it was completely destroyed naturally (i.e., volcanoes) or anthropically, and secondary succession, meaning a long term (hundreds of years--Vadineanu, 1998) replacement of a biocoenose by another, due to slow changes of the biotope as a result of the activity of the first one.