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1. Of or relating to anthropogenesis.
2. Caused by humans: anthropogenic degradation of the environment.

an′thro·po·gen′i·cal·ly adv.
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1. (Anthropology & Ethnology) relating to anthropogenesis
2. (Environmental Science) created by people or caused by human activity: anthropogenic pollution.
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(ˌæn θrə pəˈdʒɛn ɪk)

caused or produced by humans.
an`thro•po•gen′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.anthropogenic - of or relating to the study of the origins and development of human beingsanthropogenic - of or relating to the study of the origins and development of human beings
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Turkmen Dovlet Habarlary (TDH) state agency reports that "today, all economic activity in the Caspian Sea needs strict scientific accompaniment, should rely on a holistic perception of the natural and anthropogenic processes that are taking place, a monitoring and forecasting system."
Because the researchers wanted to understand how greenhouse gas warming affects air pollution, they assumed no change to human-made, or anthropogenic, aerosol emissions.
To address the former, we analyzed the influence of anthropogenic climate change on the likelihood of the heavy rainfall that occurred in April-May 2017, which led to widespread overbank flooding along the Uruguay River that peaked in June, causing significant impacts such as direct economic loss in Brazil of 102 million U.S.
Ruto will be graduating after defending his thesis on the 'Influence of Anthropogenic Activities on Land Use in Western Kenya'.
It is no use arguing with the anthropogenic global warming/climate change sceptics represented in previous Sunday Mail letters' page writers such as "Douglas" and Geoffrey Evans, but despite denials there is a long-term warming trend which has continued in 2018, with the average global temperature set to be the fourth highest on record.
According to the study that was published recently in the journal of geophysical research, deformation in the Nile Delta is influenced by both regional natural and local anthropogenic controls that are at times superimposed on one another.
It can be concluded that anthropogenic activities play vital role in air quality of any urban centre.
Abstract: A male juvenile bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) was admitted to the Wildlife Center of Virginia with a left humeral fracture a large quantity of anthropogenic debris in the ventriculus, a blood lead level of 0.616 ppm, and clinical signs consistent with chronic lead toxicosis.
The cat in Socorro Island was not the only anthropogenic introduction on the island; a second event was the introduction of an exotic rodent.
The embarrassing discrepancies, said Team Santer, are "due to the combined effects of multiple factors: the anomalous warmth at the beginning of the last 20 years (arising from a large El Nino event in 1997/98), the shift from a warm phase to a cold phase of the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation in the late 1990s, changes in other modes of internal variability, a succession of moderate volcanic eruptions in the early 21st century, a long and low minimum in solar output during the last solar cycle, and an increase in anthropogenic sulphate pollution."
Rising anthropogenic emissions of air pollutants and their precursors have significantly increased ambient air pollution in many parts of the world (Cooper et al.