anthropophagism, anthropophagy

the consumption of human flesh; cannibalism. — anthropophagous, adj.
See also: Cannibalism
the use of human flesh for food. — anthropophagous, adj.
See also: Food and Nutrition
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We may then well call them barbarous in regard of reason's rules, but not in respect of us that exceed them in all kind of barbarism." Hospita likewise focuses narrowly on her daughter's "sight of a roasted chicken" to the exclusion of perhaps greater temptations "when the proper season for her debut arrives": "The first hint I gave her upon the subject, I could see her recoil from it with the same horror with which we listen to a tale of Anthropophagism." If Elia, the obtuse narrator, values only the sensual physical pleasures of gormandizing, Lamb, the more reflective autobiographer, examines in the new romantic spirit the broader ramifications of cookery--his personal affiliations and temptations, his cultural and moral anxieties, and the depravities of history itself.
The movement called "anthropophagism" represented another strong reaction to the incipient desire to create a national literary culture during the 1920s.
The British Admiralty, 16th century, deemed it anthropophagism