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Noun1.anti-Catholicism - a religious orientation opposed to Catholicism
religious orientation - an attitude toward religion or religious practices
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However, for "anti-Catholicism" you could probably insert a whole range of other prejudices and come up with an equally damning view of our country.
In so doing, as the German case reveals, he disregards complex historical and cultural differences: he rejects Jonathan Sperber's important work on German Catholicism as insufficiently comparative; glides over the dynamics of interconfessionalism (for German Catholics the converse of Catholic was not secular but Protestant-Catholic); underplays confessional hostility and the anti-Catholicism of German Conservatism; and overstates political declericalization (as late as 1928 the Center Party's choice of a priest as party chair testified to its still manifest ties to the church).
Cogliano has produced a cogent, well-argued account of the persistence and power of anti-Catholicism in colonial New England.
Because the racial and moralistic attitudes of Klansmen were not significantly different from those of other Oregonians, Toy's essay on Eugene, Oregon, focuse especially on the Klan's anti-Catholicism. He found also that "Many Eugene Klansmen were salesmen or relatively young owners or managers of local businesses....
Attempts to discuss "Vatican interests" or to criticize policies advocated by Roman Catholic bishops often provoke accusations of bigotry or Catholic-bashing, sometimes with references to "nativism." One writer has even opined that "anti-Catholicism is the anti-Semitism of intellectuals."
Is the decline a sign that anti-Catholicism is diminishing?
Diderot even added anti-Catholicism to the mix, but Weiss (English, Northeastern U., etc.) finds within the Marquis de Sade's 120 Days of Sodom a condemnation of the evils of the monarchy and the public surrounding it.
Anti-Catholicism was the primary vehicle of marginalization.
Colson said he planned to circulate a statement condemning anti-Catholicism and said he would ask AU to sign iteven though AU issued no statements about the justices' religious beliefs in the wake of the Gonzales ruling.
Although some proposals to modify laws "come from a genuine desire to help victims," there is a "new and peculiar kind of anti-Catholicism at work" in many efforts to change statute of limitation laws, he said.
Complaints of anti-Catholicism came from three families who stayed at a homeless shelter near Elkhart, Indiana.