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(ăn′tē-ăn′tĭ-bŏd′ē, ăn′tī-)
n. pl. an·ti-an·ti·bod·ies
An antibody that recognizes and binds to another antibody.
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Treponemal (anti-antibody of Population type/Laboratory test used or antigen) specimens Overall 140,176 Low-prevalence population * 127,402 Southern California ([dagger]) Trep-Chek Anti-antibody 47,952 Northern California ([paragraph]) Liaison Antigen 21,623 Southern California ** Trep-Sure Antigen 57,827 High-prevalence population ([dagger][dagger]) 12,774 New York City ([section] [section]) Trep-Chek Anti-antibody 7,607 Chicago *** Trep-Sure Antigen 5,167 Reactive EIA/CIA treponemal test No.
One possibility is an anti-antibody, which would bind to the antibodies that are destroying the sperm, allowing the sperm to function normally.
But evidence that the mouse antibodies elicited a genuine, specific suppressive effect, says Waksman, suggests that similar antibodies mass-produced in human cells might prove effective without prompting an anti-antibody response.