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(ăn′tē-ärt′, ăn′tī-)
Art, specifically Dada, that rejects traditional art forms and theories.
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They're very anti-art, Western culture, and they don't appreciate people like me.
As an anti-art movement, active in urban centers such as Zurich, Berlin, Paris, and New York, Dada reveled in provocations and nonsense, scatological humor and mischief.
Closely related to art and anti-art debate between Joyce and Tzara is the problem of tradition.
He is still hard at work undermining the ideology of dominant cultural forms today--long after abandoning his rigorously anti-art stance and confrontational protest tactics.
After being established as an anti-art movement, the artists behind the mixing up of various artistic media ran a series of festivals in Paris, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, London and New York.
The conceptual art we know today has its source in the early 20th century anti-art movement of Dadaism and the work of Marcel Duchamp, who famously exhibited a urinal in 1917.
In the chapter on Dada, Elder moves beyond its historical contextualization in response to the traumas of the Great War and its characterization as an anti-art movement, to emphasize its vital "life principles" in the construction of new art and literature.
After the cafe, a life drawing session will be death-themed when Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School brings to The Victoria a mix of life drawing, drinking and burlesque.
The movement extends to today's art whose purpose is anti-art.
Looking both at the evangelical art world and at secular narratives of evangelicalism in the 20th century, he explains why a secular stereotype of anti-art evangelicalism emerged during the late 1920s and persists to the present.
While pottery may seek to test the boundaries of pottery, it is far more seldom that it aims to test the boundaries of art or to be anti-art.
There has been a good deal of chatter about what art school should be and whether one can really be taught to create art, and some of the more brazen members of the art world have claimed of late that they are creating anti-universities and anti-art schools outside of these institutions.