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Noun1.anti-racketeering law - law intended to eradicate organized crime by establishing strong sanctions and forfeiture provisionsanti-racketeering law - law intended to eradicate organized crime by establishing strong sanctions and forfeiture provisions
law - legal document setting forth rules governing a particular kind of activity; "there is a law against kidnapping"
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
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The federal lawsuits allege the actions of the defendants amounted to violations of the federal anti-racketeering law in addition to the Maryland False Claims Act and common law public nuisance.
US District Judge Sidney Stein in Manhattan said the government of Iraq could not recover damages and other remedies under an anti-racketeering law because most of the wrongful conduct took place in foreign countries.
United States district judge Carl Barbier in New Orleans dismissed claims that BP violated a federal anti-racketeering law by defrauding United States regulators in connection with the safety of its drilling operations, its ability to respond to any oil spill and its response to the spill.
Constitutional law experts worry that using the anti-racketeering law against demonstrators could have a chilling effect on free speech.
'It is remarkable for both the breadth of the murders charged and for naming the entire Chicago outfit as a criminal enterprise under the anti-racketeering law.'
Supreme Court has decided to use an abortion protest case to consider how far authorities may go in using anti-racketeering law to prosecute protesters involved in civil disobedience and violence.
Sensational gaffes appeared regularly, as when the Chicago policeman's reference to "jack-booted thugs" was translated as "jack-buddhist thugs." Or when the term "anti-racketeering law" came out as the "anti-racket earring law." A product of NEA-backed schools?
Giuliani who filed the suit, the Government was using the anti-racketeering law to "take back the union from the Mafia," rather than "to take over the union."

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