anti-submarine rocket

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Noun1.anti-submarine rocket - a shipboard system to fire rockets at submarinesanti-submarine rocket - a shipboard system to fire rockets at submarines
shipboard system - a system designed to work as a coherent entity on board a naval ship
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The vessel is also equipped with two RBU-6000 anti-submarine rocket launchers with 12 tubes each and it also has the capability to launch heavyweight torpedoes to target enemy submarines.
The ships are armed with an eight-cell launcher for Kalibr and Klub (3M54E) anti-ship and surface-to-surface missiles, a 100-mm main gun, Kashtan gun/missile close-in air defense systems, Shtil vertical-launch air defense missile systems, two torpedo tubes, an anti-submarine rocket system and a Ka-28 or Ka-31 helicopter, according to and

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