(ăn′tē-ə-bôr′shən, ăn′tī-)
Opposed to abortion: the antiabortion movement.

an′ti·a·bor′tion·ist n.


(ˌæn ti əˈbɔr ʃən, ˌæn taɪ-)

opposed to abortion or the legalization of abortion.
an`ti•a•bor′tion•ist, n.
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Where are the doctors who object to the way antiabortion lawmakers are interfering with the practice of medicine?
Official governmental reporting systems that go beyond this limited scope have the effect of stigmatizing women obtaining abortions or harassing abortion providers for the purpose of promoting an antiabortion policy agenda.
Yet minutes before the procedure was to take place in a Buenos Aires hospital, an antiabortion group won an injunction from a lower-court judge to halt the termination.
BIRMINGHAM'S leading Catholic churchman joined an antiabortion rally in the city which is set to last for almost six weeks.
Others, including antiabortion advocates, applauded Komen's decision to cut ties with Planned Parenthood, which provides services that include abortions.
He was shot to death 2 months later by an antiabortion activist.
Tiller was a frequent target for antiabortion activism because of his willingness to perform late-term abortions.
For example, antiabortion advocates called her unfit for the HHS post after her April 23 veto of controversial state legislation that would have increased reporting requirements on late-term abortions and left physicians who perform abortions open to civil litigation if the abortion was later deemed illegal.
Meanwhile, antiabortion MPs, led by Birkenhead's Frank Field, were stopped from attempting to set up a committee to report on whether to cut the 24-week abortion time limit.
The survey for antiabortion group Life found 68 per cent were against terminations after 13 weeks of pregnancy.
THE chief of an antiabortion group was last night slammed for claiming Catholics would vote for pigs if they wore red rosettes.