(ăn′tē-ə-bôr′shən, ăn′tī-)
Opposed to abortion: the antiabortion movement.

an′ti·a·bor′tion·ist n.
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(ˌæn ti əˈbɔr ʃən, ˌæn taɪ-)

opposed to abortion or the legalization of abortion.
an`ti•a•bor′tion•ist, n.
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The authors examine the emergence of the abortion regret narrative in the antiabortion movement, from its 19th-century roots through its strategic deployment in the political and legal realms in the present.
The bill sparked protests outside doctors' offices, clinics and hospitals by antiabortion groups across Ireland.
One long-term goal of antiabortion conservatives has been to eliminate abortion coverage in all private insurance plans, just as they have eliminated abortion coverage under Medicaid in most parts of the United States already.
(6) In short, as seen by the Court, the primary harm of a strict criminal antiabortion regime was its power to foist motherhood upon a woman who was not ready or able to assume responsibility for a child at a particular moment in her life.
Schoen explores how the fetal body came to occupy the central space in abortion politics; and how abortion providers developed professional standards in the 1970s and 1980s, in competition with the rise of the women's health movement and feminist-run clinics on the one hand and the escalation of antiabortion protests on the other.
Where are the doctors who object to the way antiabortion lawmakers are interfering with the practice of medicine?"
In this new study, the author explores the history of five social movements in the United States from the 1960s through the 1980s: gay rights, women's rights, antibusing, antitax, and antiabortion. Although the history of social movements is well-worn terrain, this author's unique contribution is to include both progressive and conservative movements and highlight their common use of "Americanism" in the usage of a common American identity tied to individualism, liberty, equality, justice, and self-government.
Bernardin had been troubled for years by what appeared to be the isolation of the antiabortion question from other pro-life issues.
He was shot to death 2 months later by an antiabortion activist.
Tiller was a frequent target for antiabortion activism because of his willingness to perform late-term abortions.
For example, antiabortion advocates called her unfit for the HHS post after her April 23 veto of controversial state legislation that would have increased reporting requirements on late-term abortions and left physicians who perform abortions open to civil litigation if the abortion was later deemed illegal.
Meanwhile, antiabortion MPs, led by Birkenhead's Frank Field, were stopped from attempting to set up a committee to report on whether to cut the 24-week abortion time limit.