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Adj.1.antiapartheid - opposing the policy of apartheid in South Africa; "an antiapartheid leader"
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In April 2014, Dammers received the South African Companions of OR Tambo Order silver award, a national honour, for his role in the antiapartheid movement.
Chapter four focuses on the country's prominent depiction in surf media during the 1960s before examining professional surfers' participation in the global antiapartheid sporting boycotts of the 1980s and ensuing debates about politicization across the surfing world.
Treva, 50, currently starring in ET director Spielberg's TV sci-fi saga Falling Skies, is working on a film about South African antiapartheid hero Desmond Tutu, 83.
In his farewell speech in the House of Commons, the antiapartheid campaigner indicated he would not be retiring from public life after relinquishing his position as MP.
In romans soos 'n Droe wit seisoen, Gerugte van reen en Die kreef raak gewoon daaraan gee hy nie net vorm aan sy opvatting van die krities, meelewende Afrikaner nie, maar help hy om 'n intellektuele ruimte te skep wat dit moontlik gemaak het om ook in Afrikaans antiapartheid te wees.
I'd been persecuted by the police for championing the antiapartheid movement and now they were stopping me seeing it come to fruition.
This fueled his activism in the antiracist and antiapartheid movement.
During the past thirty years, expanding scholarship on the history of Christianity in southern Africa has moved the focus of discussion away from African-European confrontations, which preoccupied scholars during the anticolonial and antiapartheid struggles, toward more complex and nuanced views of the social changes that accompanied those conflicts.
This represented something of a homecoming for the antiapartheid struggle hero, who spent many years in exile in the Zambian capital Lusaka, which for 30 years during apartheid, served as the headquarters of the African National Congress
South Africa's antiapartheid icon Nelson Mandela, his widow Graca Machel and former UN chief Kofi Annan have previously been honoured.
Three years later, Nelson Mandela, a longtime antiapartheid activist who spent 27 years in prison, was elected South Africa's first black president.
He grew up in South Africa and became involved in antiapartheid sporting protests when he moved to Britain.