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Adj.1.antiapartheid - opposing the policy of apartheid in South Africa; "an antiapartheid leader"
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A decade later there was an incident involving Pravin Gordhan, then an antiapartheid political activist, today one of the first post-apartheid cabinet ministers to be axed for standing up to corruption in President Jacob Zuma's administration.
She was rounded up in a group of other antiapartheid activists under Section 6 of the Terrorism Act, designed for the security police to hold and interrogate people for as long as they wanted, she was taken away.
It will look at Scotland's shameful role in slavery but also its proud support of civil rights and antiapartheid movements.
But behind the scenes there were serious concerns that pushing through her application would lead to accusations she was being singled out for special treatment, that the Government was being "railroaded" and that such a move would undermine Britain's antiapartheid stance.
Other documents underlined the sticky situation the government had landed itself in, with the risk of it being portrayed as an "unfeeling bureaucracy crushing a unique talent" if any obstacles stopped her running for Britain on the one hand, while being seen as employing a "device to circumvent antiapartheid politics" if it helped her gain citizenship.
They were designed to assassinate political activists and to destroy "facilities" in order to destabilise the antiapartheid effort that was taking place beyond the country's borders.
The story opens in 1970, with the wife of a white professor visiting her son's school, which wants to expel him for possessing alcohol, but which is clearly reacting to the professor's antiapartheid politics.
1990: South African president FW de Klerk lifted the 30-year ban on the African National Congress, the South African Communist Party and 30 other antiapartheid organisations.
In April 2014, Dammers received the South African Companions of OR Tambo Order silver award, a national honour, for his role in the antiapartheid movement.
Treva, 50, currently starring in ET director Spielberg's TV sci-fi saga Falling Skies, is working on a film about South African antiapartheid hero Desmond Tutu, 83.
I'd been persecuted by the police for championing the antiapartheid movement and now they were stopping me seeing it come to fruition.
This fueled his activism in the antiracist and antiapartheid movement.