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When bacteria enter a flesh wound, a B cell releases antibodies, which attach to the bacteria and direct them toward a macrophage for destruction.


n. pl. an·ti·bod·ies
Any of numerous Y-shaped glycoproteins that bind to specific antigens and either neutralize them or cause them to be destroyed by other elements of the immune system, such as phagocytes, cytotoxic cells, or complement proteins. Antibodies occur as antigen receptors on the surface of B cells and are secreted as soluble proteins when the B cells mature into plasma cells. Antibodies are also called "immunoglobulins."

[Translation of German Antikörper : anti-, antagonistic (from Latin anti-, anti-) + Körper, body.]
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Substances produced by the body and giving immunity against specific antigens.
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- US-based contract research antibody discovery company Abveris, Inc and Netherlands-based Harbour Antibodies H2L2 BV, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harbour BioMed, have forged a partnership to offer fully-human antibody discovery service that combines Abveris' antibody discovery services with the Harbour H2L2 human transgenic mouse platform, the companies said.
Zou and colleagues [5] suggested that the immunogenicity of the MICA antigens is significant and the antibodies formed against these antigens can lead to antibody-mediated rejection (AMR) through complement-mediated cascade activation.
Diamond and graduate student Estefania Fernandez collaborated with Gavin Screaton, MD, DPhil, of Imperial College London, who had generated a panel of human anti-dengue antibodies years before.
Monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) are an essential part of a molecular biologist's toolkit.
The resulting panels of antibodies show high human sequence and structural homology in the variable regions of the 4-chain antibodies of this species, which makes this class of antibodies attractive for therapeutic applications.
Here we consider a recent report on the first-ever creation of bispecific antibodies from any 2 existing antibodies (2).
A team of American and South African researchers published a study in the scientific journal Nature revealing neutralising antibodies from a KwaZulu-Natal woman which responded against her HIV infection.
Over a century of experience with biological drug products derived from human or animal serum followed, including polyclonal immunoglobulin antibodies to treat severe infections and snake bites, as well as the development of serum protein drug products to treat genetic or acquired deficiency diseases such as diabetes and haemophilia.
In combination with personalised antibodies for certain cancers.
Once identified, these may then be further improved using the company's highly efficient process for fine-tuning of antibodies and other proteins to increase their activity, called EvoGene(TM) Optimisation.
The objectives of this study were to assess the seroprevalence of antibodies to CHIKV in a sample of pregnant women and the kinetics of transplacentally transferred antibodies to CHIKV.

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