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 (ăn′tĭ-kăn′sər, ăn′tī-) also an·ti·can·cer·ous (-sər-əs)
Effective in treating cancer: anticancer drugs.


acting against cancer


(ˌæn tiˈkæn sər, ˌæn taɪ-)

used or effective in the prevention or treatment of cancer.
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Adj.1.anticancer - used in the treatment of canceranticancer - used in the treatment of cancer; "anticancer drug"; "an antineoplastic effect"


adj antineoplásico (form), anticanceroso
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Le chef du service oncologie de l'hopital de Rouiba, Hassan Mahfouf, a annonce, jeudi dernier, a Alger, que l'immunotherapie sera introduite prochainement dans la liste des traitements anticancer appliques en Algerie.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers from Isfahan University of Technology produced a DNA-based biosensor to better understand the performance of anticancer drugs.
Product Pipeline Review - 2014', provides an overview of the AntiCancer, Inc.
today announced that they have concluded an option agreement concerning APS001, a novel anticancer agent currently under development at Anaeropharma Science that utilizes characteristic features of Bifidobacterium longum, as well as an agreement concerning the discovery of novel anticancer agents that utilize Bifidobacterium as a drug delivery system.
ANTICANCER AGENTS REPRESENT the most dynamic segment of the pharmaceutical industry as reflected by both projected sales growth as well as pace of new product development.
Hopkinton, MA and San Diego, CA 2/26/08 -- Caliper Life Sciences has entered into a settlement agreement with AntiCancer, resolving the patent infringement suit that AntiCancer brought against Xenogen in 2005.
Under the new cross-licensing arrangement, Caliper acquires the right to sublicense AntiCancer's fluorescent protein optical imaging patents to third-parties, alongside Caliper's own portfolio of in vivo fluorescent and bioluminescent optical imaging patents; AntiCancer acquires the right to sublicense Caliper's optical imaging patents, in the field of fluorescent protein imaging, to a specified annual number of third parties throughout the life of the agreement, alongside AntiCancer's own fluorescent protein optical imaging patents.
Tokyo, Japan, July 10, 2006 - (JCN) - Taiho Pharmaceutical and sanofi-aventis have entered into a licensing agreement for TS-1, an anticancer agent developed by Taiho Pharmaceutical.
The data presented at AACR indicate that satraplatin remains active in drug-resistant tumor cells pre-treated with other commonly used anticancer drugs," said Marcel Rozencweig, M.
He and other Geron researchers tested the anticancer drug melphalan (marketed as Alkeran) and an anti-telomerase agent on mice with melanoma, a lethal skin cancer.
Research on the potential anticancer drug rapamycin has revealed a possible new mechanism for suppressing large numbers of genes simultaneously, rather than each gene individually.
Anticancer drugs may actually cause cancer if administered to patients who have had surgery to remove stomach cancer, researchers at Osaka University Medical School said Thursday.