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1. Coming or acting in advance: clouds anticipant of a storm.
2. Expectant; anticipating: a team anticipant of victory.
One who anticipates.
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operating in advance; expectant; anticipating
a person who anticipates; anticipator
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(ænˈtɪs ə pənt)

1. anticipative; expectant (usu. fol. by of).
2. a person who anticipates.
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Noun1.anticipant - one who anticipatesanticipant - one who anticipates      
illusionist, seer, visionary - a person with unusual powers of foresight
Adj.1.anticipant - marked by eager anticipationanticipant - marked by eager anticipation; "an expectant hush"
hopeful - having or manifesting hope; "a line of people hopeful of obtaining tickets"; "found a hopeful way of attacking the problem"
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Having or marked by expectation:
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Tout au long de la matinee, une immense foule de Soudanais s'etait en effet rassemblee dans le centre de la capitale soudanaise, anticipant l'annonce de la destitution du president honni, age de 75 ans et au pouvoir depuis un coup d'Etat en 1989.
Anticipant une eventuelle solution de rechange, Benabou a affirme que meme le fameux Haut-Comite d'Etat, institution en charge de la gestion de l'Etat en cas de vacance de la presidence, n'est pas la solution.
(1) Subunit vaccines are considered as anticipant strategies for improving immunity to tuberculosis.
We do not anticipant significant demand destruction in the US, even with growing concerns in the business community about the adverse effects of tariffs and warnings that capital projects could be delayed as trade tensions rise.
Via each volume of the historical series, The Reader is permitted to share Danny's life hopes, anticipant imaginativeness and at times somewhat risky escapades as well as his challenges and successes.
By reading blogs, tweets, group postings and message boards, the librarian becomes an active participant, who is able to anticipant and advice patrons as needs arise.
A moins que le but n'ait ete de refleter une nouvelle "sensibilite du coeur" anticipant la liberation sexuelle et sentimentale des annees I960?
Dans un contexte marque par Vatican II oo l'Eglise semble en chantier, ils ont toujours conteste leur formation parce qu'elle est heritee d'un passe qui n'a plus cours et n'ont persevere dans l'institution qu'en anticipant une reforme radicale des roles et des carrieres religieux.