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 (ăn-tĭs′ə-pā′tĭv, -pə-tĭv)

an·tic′i·pa′tive·ly adv.
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Adj.1.anticipative - marked by eager anticipationanticipative - marked by eager anticipation; "an expectant hush"
hopeful - having or manifesting hope; "a line of people hopeful of obtaining tickets"; "found a hopeful way of attacking the problem"


Having or marked by expectation:
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He had a singular red cap on, - not like a sailor's cap, but of a finer colour; and as the few yielding planks between him and destruction rolled and bulged, and his anticipative death-knell rung, he was seen by all of us to wave it.
The country custom of unreserved comradeship out of doors during betrothal was the only custom she knew, and to her it had no strangeness; though it seemed oddly anticipative to Clare till he saw how normal a thing she, in common with all the other dairy-folk, regarded it.
Many protestations of friendship, and expressions anticipative of the pleasure which must inevitably flow from so happy an acquaintance, were exchanged, and the visitors departed, with renewed assurances that at all times and seasons the mansion of the Wititterlys would be honoured by receiving them beneath its roof.
La politique anticipative menee par le Maroc dans le domaine de la lutte contre le terrorisme a permis, depuis 2013, le demantelement de 30 filieres de recrutement de jihadistes ou de cellules qui preparaient des actes terroristes.
Cet avis n'est pas partage par Zahra Fassi, sociologue et psychologue, qui a constate [beaucoup moins que] l'absence d'une securite anticipative et accompagnatrice.
Up to 100 microprocessor-based electronic control units networked through the vehicle coordinate and control critical systems like anticipative braking, active cruise control and navigation systems.
The extent to which the current ongoing revival of waqf is to be a creative, anticipative, proactive and systemic one--and thereby preempt it from being hijacked and coopted into the reductionist Islamic finance and banking (IBF) (7) framework--will largely depend on the extent of our critical understanding of waqf socio-legal history, and the way that history is embedded in the larger socio-economic history of Muslim societies.
It is also available with the optional Tiltronix, Alstom's anticipative tilting technology, which enables the train to tilt by up to 8 degrees and still run at 250 km/h, allowing it to travel 30-35% faster in curves than conventional trains with even greater comfort.
With a sad yet anticipative look on her face, Abdurrazaq waits to learn her "destiny" and what further steps to take, putting all her "hope on what will come after I follow what the old woman says.
SAN, May 26 (Saba)--Yemeni forces raided Al-Qaeda cells in downtown and on the outskirts of the capital San on Sunday, in an anticipative action coinciding with a continued offensive against AQAP fighters in southern and southeastern areas, a security source said.
249), "unveils--under the circumstances of current society--complex reflexes which identify and solve social states and phenomena, with the help of a knowing and anticipative legislator, of a judge continually responsive to all social changes, and to a Law capable of rigour and flexibility, at the same time" (ibid.
Consequently, the attitude of domestic workers regarding the different types of migration policy is based on experiential rather than anticipative rationality.