anticipatory breach

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Noun1.anticipatory breach - a breach of contract committed prior to the time of required performance
breach of contract - a breach of a legal duty; failure to do something that is required in a contract
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In January last year, Wayne sued Birdman - the CEO of his label Cash Money Records - for $51 million, citing "breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, accounting, and anticipatory breach of contract," according to (citing%20) Uproxx .
The previous partial award dated January 28, 2015 had found SPML to be in material anticipatory breach of its obligations to FPSC under the supply agreement for silicon solar wafering services between FPSC and SPML.
23, Anticipatory Breach, also falls within that group, and is given if the plaintiff claims anticipatory breach of contract to prove that the defendant indicated he or she "would not or could not perform the contract" and that plaintiff was "willing and able to perform the contract.
The doctrine of anticipatory breach is found in English common law.
Primera claimed that the Sellers had been in anticipatory breach of contract by refusing to perform the contracts in accordance with their terms, specifically in relation to delivery dates, and thereby having renounced the contracts.
Rather, the 2002 notice was an anticipatory breach of contract.