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 (ăn′tē-klī′măks′, ăn′tī-)
1. A decline viewed in disappointing contrast with a previous rise: the anticlimax of a brilliant career.
2. Something trivial or commonplace that concludes a series of significant events: After a week of dramatic negotiations, all that followed was anticlimax.
3. A sudden change in speaking or writing from the impressive or significant to the ludicrous or inconsequential, or an instance of this, as in "He has seen the ravages of war, he has known natural catastrophes, he has been to singles bars" (Woody Allen).

an′ti·cli·mac′tic (-klī-măk′tĭk) adj.
an′ti·cli·mac′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.anticlimactic - of or relating to a sudden change from an impressive to a ludicrous style
2.anticlimactic - coming after the climax especially of a dramatic or narrative plot; "everything after the discovery of the murderer was anticlimactic"
climactic - consisting of or causing a climax; "a climactic development"
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[ˈæntɪklaɪˈmæktɪk] ADJdecepcionante
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Everyday dialogue makes the story more natural, though stilted deliveries, overused words, and distracting lead-ins make some conversations anticlimactic. Sicilian lingo makes the mafia elements more convincing, though its inconsistent formatting is jarring.
India, July 29 -- In a rather anticlimactic development weeks after the model's big launch in India, a Hyundai Kona EV reportedly caught fire and exploded while it was parked inside a residential garage in Ile Bizard, Montreal.
Anticlimactic as the win was, though, it did push the Cool Smashers closer to the crown.
A WEEK of anticlimactic endings began with the final Game of Thrones episode on Monday and the announcement on Friday that Theresa May has finally quit.
Here, Nayfeld shares the cozy, heavy, carb-y foods you'll want to make for a completely anticlimactic night in with friends--plus some quasi-healthy shishito peppers to keep you honest (
Summary: Mediocre film, with an anticlimactic finish, struggles to stay interesting
What was expected to be a thrilling match from the two teams who have faced each other five straight times turned to be anticlimactic as the Blaze Spikers reaffirmed their mastery over the Cargo Movers in the race-to-two title series.
Herrera scored his first goal of the season to equalise before the break but United could not take that momentum into an anticlimactic second half.
Although the idea of the writing competition has promise, it remains unfulfilled, and the ending feels contrived and anticlimactic. The story includes veiled references to drugged date-rape and child abuse, and explicit, situationally-appropriate descriptions of gun violence in a character's past.--Rebecca Moore.
But after beating Novak Djokovic and David Goffin in Madrid, it was an anticlimactic end to Edmund's clay-court season.
The final between Kennedy/Anderson and Komo/DeBartolo was somewhat anticlimactic. In Game 1, DeBartolo used a high Z-serve to the right, resulting in few returns and a 21-1 rout.
A few details are garbled or awkward, scenes are set with a bit too much sparkling sunlight, the ending is anticlimactic, and questions may emerge -- Would a woman like Tessa really approve a project name like TEAT?