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 (ăn′tē-dĭ-rĭv′ə-tĭv, ăn′tī-)


an indefinite integral

indef′inite in′tegral

a representation of any function whose derivative is a given function.
primitív függvény
antiderivataprimitiv funktion
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The analysis of the answers to the questionnaire show the meanings and preferences that future civil engineers assign to the antiderivative, and how these relate to the partial meaning that make up the holistic meaning of this mathematical notion [6].
Breda, Analysis of the Meanings of the Antiderivative Used by Students of the First Engineering Courses, doi: 10.1007/s10763-017-9826-2, International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, 1-23 (2017)
They should be familiar with the term "definite integral" and know how to find the antiderivative of a function.
By gaining the antiderivative of Equation (9) and then combining it with Equations (7) and (8), the general relation of the improved Nishihara model when the associated flow law is adapted can be obtained finally as
It comes into our mind to seek for the integration of such functions f(x) power its antiderivative g(x).
(1) If F is any antiderivative of f on I, then (f" [e.sup.F])' = -[beta]f (f' - 1) [e.sup.F].
This antiderivative represents sort of average between the function u and its integral of order one.
The delta derivative of [xi] : T [right arrow] R is denoted by [[xi].sup.[DELTA]](t) and the operators antiderivative is denoted by [integral] [xi] (t)[DELTA]t.
The relationship between Prandtl stress functions corresponding to Lametensor fields [[LAMBDA].sub.n-1] and [[LAMBDA].sub.n] = ([h.sub.n-1] [omicron] [[PSI].sub.n-1]) [[LAMBDA].sub.n-1] is expressed by the formula [[PSI].sub.n] = [H.sub.n-1] [omicron] [[PSI].sub.n-1], with [H.sub.n-1] antiderivative of [h.sub.n-1] such that [[PSI].sub.n] is identically zero on the cross-sectional exterior boundary [partial derivative][[OMEGA].sub.0].
In [5-7], the antiderivative technique plays an essential role in proving their main results.
where [LAMBDA]'(-i[[partial derivative].sub.x]) = a[[partial derivative].sup.-2.sub.x] - b[[partial derivative].sup.2.sub.x], and the antiderivative [[partial derivative].sup.-1.sub.x] is defined by the Fourier transform such that
where C [member of] X is an arbitrary element independent of t and F is a pre- antiderivative of f.