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 (ăn′tē-ĕn′zīm′, ăn′tī-)
A substance that neutralizes or counteracts the actions of an enzyme.
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Compared with the DMSO control, under certain conditions, the antienzymatic hydrolysis ability of hPPAR[gamma] protein did exist and was closely related to the concentration of DBDF2,6T incubated with the protein.
As part of a program to search for bioactive constituents from Eleutherococcus species, this study was focused on the establishment of anti-AChE and anti-BuChE activities of six Eleutherococcus species and aimed to discuss the possible antienzymatic mechanism and the structure-activity relationship.
As all these proteins have antienzymatic or directly enzymatic properties, they require some "conformational" protection preserving their functional integrity.