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 (ăn′tē-fər-tĭl′ĭ-tē, ăn′tī-)
Capable of reducing or eliminating fertility; contraceptive.


acting to suppress fertility or as a contraceptive


(ˌæn ti fərˈtɪl ɪ ti, ˌæn taɪ-)

of or being a substance that inhibits the ability to produce offspring; contraceptive.
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Adj.1.antifertility - capable of preventing conception or impregnationantifertility - capable of preventing conception or impregnation; "contraceptive devices and medications"
protective - intended or adapted to afford protection of some kind; "a protective covering"; "the use of protective masks and equipment"; "protective coatings"; "kept the drunken sailor in protective custody"; "animals with protective coloring"; "protective tariffs"
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Mutagenic and antifertility sensitivities of mice to di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) and dimethoxyethyl phthalate (DMEP).
PG fruits have been reported to have pharmacological properties such as antioxidant, anti-diarrheal, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antibacterial, antifertility, angiogenesis, apoptotic, antiulcer, and wound-healing activity.
Our results are in complete agreement with previous reports indicating the antifertility activities of sulfonamides in both animal and human studies.
Gossypol, a natural biaryl pigment found in cottonseed, has shown male antifertility activity.
It also has chlorophyll and many other phytonutrients with several medicinal properties like expectorant, analgesic, anticancer, antiasthmatic, antiemetic, diaphoretic, antidiabetic, antifertility, hepatoprotective, hypotensive, hypolipidimic and antistress.
Previous preliminary study was done by [13] on the antifertility activity of AB fruits juice and the result showed that the different dosages of AB fruits extract reduced the fertility rate in mice by 50% as compared to the control.
For using cabergoline as potential sterilant in fertility control further laboratory and field studies should be conducted to determine the antifertility effect of this drug on more species.
Grafenberg was not specifically aware of the antifertility effects of copper.
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Previously, mangrove plants have displayed various levels of biological activities including antibacteria (17), antifunga (18), antimicrobia (19), antiplasmodial (10-11), hepatoprotective (12-13), larvicida (12) and antifertility (14).