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(Mechanical Engineering) intended to reduce friction
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(ˌæn tiˈfrɪk ʃən, ˌæn taɪ-)

tending to prevent or reduce friction: an antifriction alloy.
an`ti•fric′tion•al, adj.
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On the whole, the addition of SLMs and PTWs played a synergistic antifriction and anti-wear effect on friction of the material.
The formation of an excellent working face between the tool surface and wood is a focal point of antifriction technology.
It is also known as antiadherent or antifriction agent.
It is found that ball-milled MWCNTs could form stable suspensions and improve the antiwear and antifriction properties.
In addition, to reduce the end-friction effects on the measurements, these displacement gauges were placed at the middle height of the concrete sample, and the other two steel antifriction gaskets were placed between the end planes of the concrete sample and the upper and lower loading plates.
When comparing with the tension test, the rubber membrane having a thickness of 0.3048 mm and diameter of 100 mm and antifriction were used between a specimen and end plate at the triaxial compression test.
Howden needed to treat both new-build and repair compressors with hard chrome plating, chosen for its antifriction properties and long wear life.
The two stages cycloidal gear drive has many antifriction bearings with additional 2 bearings of output rotor with involute pinion tooth.
Magnetic bearings have replaced the standard antifriction bearings or hydrodynamic bearings which permit the single shaft to rotate at speeds significantly higher than the 12,000 rpm range which was once considered near the upper practical limit of centrifugal compressor speed.
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