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 (ăn′tē-grăv′ĭ-tē, ăn′tī-)
The hypothetical effect of reducing or canceling a gravitational field.

an′ti·grav′i·ty adj.
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acting against the force of gravity
the concept of negating the force of gravity
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(ˌæn tiˈgræv ɪ ti, ˌæn taɪ-)

1. a hypothetical force by which a body of positive mass would repel a body of negative mass.
2. counteracting the force of gravity.
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This behavior would make sense if dark energy were the cosmological constant: Since expanding space produces more vacuum energy, the cosmic balance would ultimately hit a tipping point, after which the vacuum energy's antigravity effect overpowers matter's gravity.
The modern exercise equipment includes an antigravity treadmill and Power Plate whole-body vibration machines.
Bidston Hill, 25, Boundary Road, Birkenhead, - to Sat, Oct 31, Free entry AntiGravity Yoga AntiGravity Yoga is a fusion technique which combines elements of traditional yoga with dance, gymnastics and the aerial arts.
People doing the inverted yogi posture at a Virgin Active AntiGravity class.
I don't see the point in doing an exercise class that makes me feel ill until lunchtime!" To put this in context, both Geri Halliwell and Madonna are fans of antigravity yoga.
I'd like to experience antigravity yoga; help improve maternal and child care in the farthest parts of the country; continue to help break the chains of stigma in mental health; set up a grief coaching center-and the list remains a work in progress.
studio is comprised of three distinguished rooms, hosting a multitude of classes, including: Hot Yoga, Cool Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Kundalini, Thai Yoga, Restorative, AntiGravity Aerial Yoga, Yin-Reiki Yoga and Aerial or Mat Pilates.
The Alter G's trump card are the magic antigravity buttons, which are depressed to allow you to shed weight as you run.
"Running on an antigravity treadmill would relive a good deal of the pressure from the joints because you don't have the same forces coming back through the ground into the lower extremities, and back up to the spine," said Justin Laferrier, a physical therapist at the University of Pittsburg.
[35]), antigravity (see for instance Naudin's experiment) etc.
(Thanks to antigravity devices, the entire campus remains permanently aloft, hidden by convenient cloud banks.) In many ways, it's a high school like any other, complete with peer pressures and polarized cliques.
And as several cosmologists have come to realize, antigravity has a downside.