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n, pl -helices (-ˈhiːlɪsiːz) or -helixes
(Anatomy) a variant spelling of anthelix
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(ˌæn tiˈhi lɪks, ˌæn taɪ-)

n., pl. -hel•i•ces (-ˈhɛl ɪˌsiz)
the inward curving ridge of the external ear.
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thomasi); orejas con las estructuras del pabellon externo (helix, antihelix, antitrago y fosa escafoidea) poco desarrolladas (bien desarrolladas en C.
Clinically the condition may be recognised by a third crus with a flattened antihelix and a malformed scapha, creating the characteristically shaped ear.
Both auricles were prominent, with the superior crus of each ear extending at a right angle from the antihelix. As a result, the helical fold demonstrated posterior over-projection at the point where the aberrant superior crus intersected with the helical rim.
Four patients diagnosed clinically as foreign body granulomas, presenting with indolent, asymptomatic nodules over different areas of the body like breast (Scar), forehead, forearm with antihelix and lower leg were biopsied.
We describe the use of the temporoparietal fascia (TPF) flap in the reconstruction of a Mohs defect of the antihelix of the ear.
Gouty tophi involving the external ear may occur in the helix and antihelix, presenting as firm nodules that may ulcerate.
CDNH presents as an exquisitely painful nodule, usually on the helix or antihelix. The lesion originates as a reddish, round, indurated nodule that measures several millimeters in diameter.
A 29-year-old woman presented with an unusual lesion on the right auricular antihelix. The mass was purple and painful, and it had been present for 17 years.
The left ear demonstrated an unusual anomaly in which a prominent helical crus fused with the midportion of the antihelix, pinching the meatus (figure).
It usually starts in the helix and antihelix but may involve the whole cartilage.
La intervencion se inicia realizando una incision alrededor del aspecto mas proximal de canal auditivo, esta incision interesa la piel y el cartilago y debe incluir el trago y el antihelix, luego se practica otra incision que empieza desde el trago y avanza hacia abajo por todo el centro de la porcion vertical del canal e involucra solo la piel.