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 (ăn′tē-hîr′ō, ăn′tī-)
n. pl. an·ti·he·roes
A main character in a dramatic or narrative work who is characterized by a lack of traditional heroic qualities, such as idealism or courage.

an′ti·her·o′ic (-hĭ-rō′ĭk) adj.
an′ti·her′o·ism (-hĕr′ō-ĭz′əm) n.


n, pl -roes
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a central character in a novel, play, etc, who lacks the traditional heroic virtues


(ˈæn tiˌhɪər oʊ, ˈæn taɪ-)

n., pl. -roes.
a protagonist who lacks the ennobling qualities of a hero.
an`ti•he•ro′ic (-hɪˈroʊ ɪk) adj.
an`ti•her′o•ism (-ˈhɛr oʊˌɪz əm) n.
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Noun1.antihero - a protagonist who lacks the characteristics that would make him a hero (or her a heroine)antihero - a protagonist who lacks the characteristics that would make him a hero (or her a heroine)
agonist, protagonist - the principal character in a work of fiction


[ˈæntɪˌhɪərəʊ] n (antiheroes (pl)) → antieroe m
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The film was inspired by a DC Comics antihero team of the same name and is part of the DC Extended Universe.
Particularly useful are the references given after each of the chapters in which the critical sources, novels, stories, television series and websites related to the detective or antihero in question are listed.
The story, which has been adapted by Mikhail Possokhov, relates the romantic encounters and heartbreaking betrayals of larger-than-life hero Grigory Alexandrovich Petchorin -- a young Russian officer and antihero -- in a poetic journey across the mountains of the Caucasus.
Our role is to help the antihero to do the right thing, be better understood, but to also shine a light on the noble and elegant works that Welsh construction delivers for our country and people every day.
Transhuman antihero characters are shown to highlight the relationship between individuals, society, and technological developments and to shed light on issues of identity, especially in the current era as humankind faces the possibility of genetic manipulation for enhanced abilities.
I know that my wife is not playing the first female antihero in film.
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Love Me, Hate Me: Barry Bonds and the Making of an Antihero.
In comic contrast, Fields' antihero plays the most entertaining of contemporary victims, a browbeaten family man anchored to a going-nowhere position in small-town America--though his best showcase of this world, "It's a Gift" (1934), eventually offers an 11th-hour reprieve to a California paradise.
Her final contact with the theater came in 1999 when the Limon Dance Company invited her to restage Champion (1948), an early work about a prize-fighter who was an antihero.
She leads the cop on a coyly merry chase -- child's play for our antihero.
White made his name as the auteur behind the 1996 "Femalien" series--a thoroughly silly set of sci-fi soft-core pix--and a few years later produced the considerably more substantive "Understanding Joshua," 2000, in which the eponymous antihero, a sad-sack homunculus, makes his way through a landscape of suburban parties and unsatisfying interactions.