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We want to start from public offices other than general masses so that a strong social liaison should be developed to reap maximum fruits of the Plastic Free and Antilittering campaigns.'
Nathan Wilson was speaking after the council's infrastructure committee decided that A3-sized antilittering signs will be fixed to lamp posts or poles in litter hotspots as well as educative signs being erected in all main council buildings.
The participating teams, which included over 60 employees wearing a special uniform for this campaign, distributed awareness-raising car window stickers entitled "Keep Jordan Clean", to promote antilittering behaviors and motivate people to save the environment.
'There is a dire need to employ short-term punitive measures and evolve massive campaigns against antilittering by the civic agency, said Managing Director of SMEC oil and gas company Tasadduq Malik.
The much-praised antilittering campaign of former mayor Edward Hagedorn was highly successful; I still remember taking a tricycle with the driver's young son letting go of a candy wrapper and the driver catching it, and putting it in his pocket.
It was one of a number of clean-ups by the chain's stores across the country as part of its antilittering campaign.
INCREASING amounts of litter from sweet wrappers to cigarette butts are being found on UK beaches, according to a survey that raises concerns antilittering campaigns are now falling on deaf ears.
While there may be time, place, and manner restrictions on such abandonment (e.g., via antilittering laws, attractive-nuisance causes of action in tort, or restrictions on abandoning a car in the middle of the road), the law is appropriately characterized as permissive.
Shame and embarrassment as deterrents to noncompliance with the law: The case of an antilittering campaign.
As part of a statewide campaign to increase both awareness of the problem of littering and illegal dumping, and participation in recycling activities, Humboldt County, California, began a recycling and antilittering education project in 1981.
Antilittering and antismoking ordinances as well as regular garbage collections must be prioritized, with a continuing information campaign on these issues and village officials going on active patrol to deter would-be violators.
The council will get publicity and promotion for the campaign from the Chewing Gum Action Group, an organisation formed by the government to bring together local councils, antilittering groups and the chewing gum industry to tackle chewing gum litter.