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 (ăn′tē-măg-nĕt′ĭk, ăn′tī-)
Impervious to the effect of a magnetic field; resistant to magnetization.


(General Physics) of or constructed of a material that does not acquire permanent magnetism when exposed to a magnetic field: an antimagnetic watch.


(ˌæn ti mægˈnɛt ɪk, ˌæn taɪ-)

1. resistant to magnetization.
2. (of a precision instrument, watch, etc.) having the critical parts composed of materials resistant to magnetization, and hence not affected by exposure to magnetic fields.
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Adj.1.antimagnetic - impervious to the effects of a magnetic field; resistant to magnetization; "an antimagnetic watch"
magnetised, magnetized, magnetic - having the properties of a magnet; i.e. of attracting iron or steel; "the hard disk is covered with a thin coat of magnetic material"


[ˌæntɪmægˈnetɪk] ADJantimagnético
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Its new Suxxeed Offroad range includes a versatile, lightweight antimagnetic boot and shoe.
Navy to install and maintain antimagnetic mine equipment.
The case material, an ultralight, high-technology polymer called Breitlight, a Breitling exclusive, not only boasts of strength and rigidity, but is also practically impervious to scratches and corrosion, and is hypoallergenic and antimagnetic, as well.
It was a watch that was waterproof, shockproof, antimagnetic and with unbreakable glass.
Its self-winding chronometer movement was shock-resistant, antimagnetic and super-watertight.
Very fine and rare, self-winding, antimagnetic, stainless steel wristwatch with triple date and moon phases.
A spokesman, said: "We can repair it again or offer an antimagnetic watch or a refund.