antimalarial drug

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Noun1.antimalarial drug - a medicinal drug used to prevent or treat malariaantimalarial drug - a medicinal drug used to prevent or treat malaria
antiprotozoal, antiprotozoal drug - a medicinal drug used to fight diseases (like malaria) that are caused by protozoa
chloroquine - an antimalarial drug used to treat malaria and amebic dysentery and systemic lupus erythematosus
Larium, mefloquine, mefloquine hydrochloride, Mephaquine - an antimalarial drug (trade name Larium and Mephaquine) that is effective in cases that do not respond to chloroquine; said to produce harmful neuropsychiatric effects on some people
primaquine - synthetic antimalarial drug
Atabrine, mepacrine, quinacrine, quinacrine hydrochloride - a drug (trade name Atabrine) used to treat certain worm infestations and once used to treat malaria
quinine - a bitter alkaloid extracted from chinchona bark; used in malaria therapy
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Controversy has surrounded an antimalarial drug that has been in use for more than 30 years and has been associated with potentially severe psychological side-effects.
Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) is a leading product development partnership (PDP) in the field of antimalarial drug research and development.
Artemisinin, a common antimalarial drug, is derived from the Chinese herb Artemisia annua.
"This could help prevent the spread of malaria to countries declared malaria-free and also ensure people, many of whom might be unaware they are infected with the malaria parasite, receive antimalarial drug treatment."
The sick college student is said to have taken an incomplete course of the antimalarial drug Quinine, which provided him with less protection than is usually prescribed for trips to certain African countries.
Quantifying the pharmacology of antimalarial drug combination therapy.
This suggest the compounds evaluated were not presented the same mechanism that Chloroquine, and in addition their structures are different to Chloroquine, therefore they do not have the same efficiency as antimalarial drug. Also, is necessary to point out that even though Chloroquine and compound 2 showed a similar in vitro cytotoxicity, the results obtained for in vivo assays were contradictory, expressing the importance of in vivo evaluation on the research of new antimalarial drugs.
Our focus now is on completing clinical trials for two promising new antimalarial drug candidates.
The research team, with help from artificiallyintelligent robot Eve, has found triclosan - an antibacterial agent which stops plaque from building up on the teeth - could be used as an antimalarial drug.
The antimalarial drug policy was formulated to promote rational use of antimalarial drugs in order to reduce the development of drug resistance.