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1. Christianity A proponent of the doctrine of antinomianism.
2. One who denies the fixed meaning or universal applicability of moral law.
1. Christianity Of or relating to the doctrine of antinomianism.
2. Opposed to or denying the fixed meaning or universal applicability of moral law: "By raising segregation and racial persecution to the ethical level of law, it puts into practice the antinomian rules of Orwell's world. Evil becomes good, inhumanity is interpreted as charity, egoism as compassion" (Elie Wiesel).

[From Medieval Latin Antinomī, antinomians, pl. of antinomus, opposed to the moral law : Greek anti-, anti- + Greek nomos, law; see nem- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Theology) relating to the doctrine that by faith and the dispensation of grace a Christian is released from the obligation of adhering to any moral law
(Ecclesiastical Terms) a member of a Christian sect holding such a doctrine
ˌantiˈnomianism n
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(ˌæn tɪˈnoʊ mi ən)

a person who maintains that Christians are freed from the moral law by virtue of grace and faith.
[1635–45; < Medieval Latin Antinom(ī), pl. of Antinomus opponent of (the moral) law (< Greek antí anti- + nómos law) + -ian]
an`ti•no′mi•an•ism, n.
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Noun1.antinomian - a follower of the doctrine of antinomianism
adherent, disciple - someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another
Adj.1.antinomian - relating to or influenced by antinomianism
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It might be that an Antinomian, a Quaker, or other heterodox religionist, was to be scourged out of the town, or an idle or vagrant Indian, whom the white man's firewater had made riotous about the streets, was to be driven with stripes into the shadow of the forest.
The sermon, as might be expected, was of the extremest antinomian type; on justification by faith, as expounded in the theology of St Paul.
That is antinomian or hypernomian, and judges law as well as fact.
The paradox of Mary is not entirely resolved, however, and rather than fading back into the community, the myriad, conflicting meanings that saturate Mary indicate that she occupies a contentious and unique position: that of the only nonheretical antinomian in Christianity.
A useful overview introduces the several branches of Saiva asceticism burgeoning during the eighth through tenth centuries, ranging from the atimarga or truly antinomian Kalamukhas, to the mantramarga or more socially acceptable Kapalikas and Mattamayuras (pp.
"In the Rigveda, a cosmic man is sacrificed in order to generate the universe, and the social and caste systems," he says, adding that contemporary tantrics who perpetrate human sacrifices, are "antinomian elements", and have misinterpreted the tantric tradition.
At the heart of this book, then, the reader finds one prominent text after another illumined through the lens of "sympathy." Abram Van Engen moves through, most notably, John Winthrop's Model of Christian Charity, the material collected by David Hall in The Antinomian Controversy 1636-1638: A Documentary History, Anne Bradstreet's "Dialogue between Old England and New," William Hooke's New Englands Teares for Old England's Feares, the "Eliot Tracts" produced to support Native American missions, Mary Rowlandson's captivity narrative, and the records of the Salem witch trials.
He discovers that one of Hutchinson's partners who was banned for heresy with her during the Antinomian Controversy was a prominent minister, the reverend John Wheelwright, who was Ebenezer's great-great-great-great grandfather.
Not least of the many facts this thesis can't explain is the periodic reawakening of America's individualistic, antinomian, Biblical religious impulse, often when least expected.
In the third chapter of this section, 'Politics, Anthropology, Religion: Religious Particularism, Anti-Somatism,' Philip Quadrio analyses Critchley's 'Mystical Anarchism,' considered to be 'a rich and interesting engagement with Christian mysticism' and 'antinomian tendencies within it' (p.29).
As long as the church is antinomian, and apostate, it doesn't matter who is president.
Here, "antinomian marsupials" lie in the road, light "slams" on the seeing and the blind, and while "gourds are kindly expensive," she is asked, "would you wont anythang that wasn't,"