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n. pl. an·tiph·o·nar·ies
A bound collection of antiphons, especially of the responsive choral parts of the Divine Office.


n, pl -naries
(Ecclesiastical Terms) Also called: antiphoner a bound collection of antiphons, esp for use in the divine office
(Ecclesiastical Terms) of or relating to such a book


(ænˈtɪf əˌnɛr i)

n., pl. -nar•ies.
a book of antiphons.
[1425–75; late Middle English < Medieval Latin antiphōnārium. See antiphon, -ary]
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Noun1.antiphonary - bound collection of antiphons
church music, religious music - genre of music composed for performance as part of religious ceremonies
Adj.1.antiphonary - relating to or resembling an antiphon or antiphony
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Over a third of his 114 CapeTown manuscripts are Bibles and illuminated liturgical manuscripts, including two processionals, five office books, five psalters, two antiphonaries, seven breviaries, and three graduals, one of them a rare thirteenth-century Premonstratensian compilation of material for celebrating mass, the nearest he came to owning a missal at the Cape.
Finally, except for a few cases, these compositions have been transmitted anonymously in liturgical books (hymnaries, antiphonaries, libri mistici, etc.
35) All five of these manuscripts are antiphonaries for Lauds, the Daily Hours, and Vespers, which would have been given to nuns at the Charterhouse when they took their vows.
Always enjoyable is the occasional humorous element, such as human/ animal hybrid figures, or "drolleries," in the margins of the printed Book of Hours, little caricatures of people's faces drawn in where one might not expect them in one of the antiphonaries, and whimsical animals such as the three tiny rabbits running along the lower border of a law manuscript.
In a letter in reply to an enquiry from the chief of rare books at the Detroit Public Library, dated 21 January 1962, the then canon-archivist, Juan Francisco Rivera, reported: "In the Cathedral we have some 200 antiphonaries.
The longest essay is an article published in Ecclesia Orans in 1989 on the epistle and gospel-books, and the antiphonaries, in their relation to the sacramentaries in the seventh and eighth centuries (pp.
Over the course of the nineteen years from 1508 to 1526, the administrative body of the cathedral--the Opera del Duomo--commissioned and financed fifteen graduals and eighteen antiphonaries.