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n. pl. an·tiph·o·nar·ies
A bound collection of antiphons, especially of the responsive choral parts of the Divine Office.


n, pl -naries
(Ecclesiastical Terms) Also called: antiphoner a bound collection of antiphons, esp for use in the divine office
(Ecclesiastical Terms) of or relating to such a book


(ænˈtɪf əˌnɛr i)

n., pl. -nar•ies.
a book of antiphons.
[1425–75; late Middle English < Medieval Latin antiphōnārium. See antiphon, -ary]
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Noun1.antiphonary - bound collection of antiphons
church music, religious music - genre of music composed for performance as part of religious ceremonies
Adj.1.antiphonary - relating to or resembling an antiphon or antiphony
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Following an introduction, a cantus firmus from the Cologne Antiphonary is heard, first pianissimo in the oboe and clarinet, then forte in the other wind instruments in the tenth bar.
The latter is especially useful and is placed within the context of the Cathach (49), the Antiphonary of Bangor (51) as well as the Book of Dimma (51-52) and Book of Mulling (52), among others.
Fassler and Hamberger also examine communal worship practices with their analysis of a manuscript fragment from an early fourteenth-century antiphonary. The beautifully illustrated fragment contains an Office for the Feast of the Birth of John the Baptist.
It was Gregory, in all likelihood, who compiled the Roman antiphonary and who possibly contributed some compositions to the collection of liturgical music.
Also online is Einsiedeln Stiftsbibliothek (Codex 121(1151)), which is the oldest complete extant neumed mass antiphonary and is a primary source for sequences by Notker Balbulus.
In addition to the twenty-seven manuscripts described in the 1989 catalogue, (7) Grey donated a late sixteenth-century Spanish antiphonary, (8) and a fifteenth-century copy of English laws, erroneously assigned to the Henry Shaw collection.
96-139; "The Gregorian Antiphonary of Silos and the Spanish Melody of the Lamentation", Speculum, 5 (1930), pp.
The beautiful plainsong melodies (a simple and an ornate form) are variously given in the Ratisbon antiphonary and in the Solesmes "Liber Usualis" of 1908, the ornate form in the latter work, with rhythmical signs added, being very attractive.
Both cults are absent from the earliest witnesses to the seventh-century liturgy, as represented by the Verona Orational (Biblioteca Capitolare LXXXIX (84)) and the Leon antiphonary (Archivo de la Catedral 8), perhaps because they represented local cults.
1 of the Beaupre Antiphonary, Baltimore, Walters Art Museum MS 759, folio 4r; dated 1290, from the Cistercian women's abbey at Beaupre (near Grammont, Hainaut),
The children then engage in an antiphonary chant with Elizabeth, mocking her laments and aggressively putting forward their own.
Small handheld antiphonary from Spain ("Senora de San Martin"), ca.