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1. Of, relating to, or situated on the opposite side or sides of the earth: Australia and Great Britain occupy antipodal regions.
2. Diametrically opposed; exactly opposite.
One of usually three cells situated at the opposite end from the egg in the mature embryo sac of a flowering plant.


1. (Physical Geography) of or relating to diametrically opposite points on the earth's surface
2. exactly or diametrically opposite


(ænˈtɪp ə dl)

1. on the opposite side of the globe; pertaining to the antipodes.
2. diametrically opposite: antipodal personalities.
3. opposed: a view antipodal to the majority.
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Noun1.antipodal - the relation of opposition along a diameter
opposition - a direction opposite to another
Adj.1.antipodal - relating to the antipodes or situated at opposite sides of the earth; "antipodean latitudes"; "antipodal regions of the earth"; "antipodal points on a sphere"


References in classic literature ?
There was nothing so antipodal to his nature as this man's cold, unimaginative sagacity, by contact with which everything was converted into a dream except the densest matter of the physical world.
Planning the trip was a matter of identifying the most suitable qualifying antipodal city pairs and then finding the best routes, schedules and tightest possible connections within the right window of opportunity.
But sharing roles within one play adds another element--namely, it heightens the antipodal relationship between two focal characters.
Fear, "Balanced antipodal Vivaldi antenna with dielectric director for near-field microwave imaging", IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, vol.
Linde [35] earlier proposed an independent concept of antipodal symmetry of energy and action in the mirror world relative to the observable Universe.
Kashyap, "Novel scheme of video steganalysis for detecting antipodal watermarks," in Proc.
The antipodal position finds in it another prima facie warrant that any expectation of a deeper-going dialogue is futile, illusionary or dangerously naive.
Time has proven the fears of the human and media rights groups as, after more than three and a half years of announcement of these reforms, the ground situation is antipodal.
He had a rather pointed, antipodal relationship with Josef Svoboda (1920-2002).
This antipodal experience of Gambian history is well-captured in this edition of the Historical Dictionary of The Gambia.