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1. Of, relating to, or situated on the opposite side or sides of the earth: Australia and Great Britain occupy antipodal regions.
2. Diametrically opposed; exactly opposite.
One of usually three cells situated at the opposite end from the egg in the mature embryo sac of a flowering plant.


1. (Physical Geography) of or relating to diametrically opposite points on the earth's surface
2. exactly or diametrically opposite


(ænˈtɪp ə dl)

1. on the opposite side of the globe; pertaining to the antipodes.
2. diametrically opposite: antipodal personalities.
3. opposed: a view antipodal to the majority.
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Noun1.antipodal - the relation of opposition along a diameter
opposition - a direction opposite to another
Adj.1.antipodal - relating to the antipodes or situated at opposite sides of the earth; "antipodean latitudes"; "antipodal regions of the earth"; "antipodal points on a sphere"


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The centers of the tubules are filled with pale cytoplasm and the nuclei are characteristically located antipodally at the periphery of the tubules.
Babbitt is a 46-year-old realtor, and so a representative of small business or, at best, "middle business": in this he is antipodally unlike his predecessors in literature, who were tycoons, thus rulers of masses of people--see e.g.
Despite all the unhappy endings chronicled above, some litigants have expressed their frustration antipodally and walked away unscathed.