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 (ăn′tē-pə-lo͞o′shən, ăn′tī-)
Intended to counteract or eliminate environmental pollution: antipollution filters; antipollution laws.

an′ti·pol·lu′tion·ist n.


1. (Environmental Science) (of measures, policies, etc) designed to combat pollution and its causes
2. (Environmental Science) opposed to pollution and its causes: antipollution banners.


(ˌæn ti pəˈlu ʃən, ˌæn taɪ-)

designed to prevent or reduce pollution.
an`ti•pol•lu′tion•ist, n.
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Adj.1.antipollution - intended to reduce pollutionantipollution - intended to reduce pollution; "antipollution laws"; "antipollution devices on automobile exhaust systems"
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EMB-Central Luzon issued notices of violations and cease and desist orders to Melters and Wan Chiong in June 2017, which resumed operations only after the two firms installed additional antipollution devices.
Il s'agi navires de pAaAaAeA che et d'aquaculture marine, de remorqueurs, de barg de maintenance et antipollution en plus d'embarcations de 5 AaAaAeA 12 mAaAaAeA?
This Anti-Pollution plan will deal with the pollution that the GPMDLR pollution of ships, the interface with the ORSEC Polmar device for the management of the biggest pollution, but also the interface with the possible antipollution plans of the existing industrial sites installed on the zone.
Things were so bad by December 2016 that several hundred people wearing antipollution masks protested in the city's central Tianfu Square.
Organic Monitor says antipollution skin care is a major trend in beauty, and cites a raft of new ingredients and finished products introduced in the last 18 months.
The loan is to 'support water management and antipollution efforts for the Lijiang River in Guilin' over the next five years by focusing on 'improving the water supply system and the collection and treatment capacity of Guilin's wastewater treatment plants.
But in a 2012 decision, NRW found that environmental damage to the lake's surface water had been "mitigated" by antipollution measures.
The exercise involved a number of air and sea craft: nine warships, an oil platform, an oil tanker, antipollution vessels, two Port & Marine Police ships, four helicopters and two airplanes.
To ensure success of the ambitious antipollution drive through the odd- even scheme, the government is in dire need of a strong public transport facility.
Le chasse-croise va bon train avec, en point d'orgue, l'engagement du Qatar Investment Authority a hauteur de 17 % dans le groupe Volkswagen, ce qui lui coutera des milliards apres le scandale de la triche aux controles antipollution du groupe allemand.
Welders help install and maintain boilers, antipollution systems and other large structures, as well as piping for industrial, commercial and residential facilities.