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1. Belonging to, made in, or typical of an earlier period: antique furniture. See Synonyms at old.
2. Of or belonging to ancient times, especially of, from, or characteristic of ancient Greece or Rome.
a. Relating to or dealing in antiques.
b. Having the appearance of an antique.
4. Old-fashioned; outdated: wore a suit of rather antique appearance.
1. An object having special value because of its age, especially a domestic item or piece of furniture or handicraft esteemed for its artistry, beauty, or period of origin.
2. The style or manner of ancient times, especially that of ancient Greek or Roman art: an admirer of the antique.
v. an·tiqued, an·tiqu·ing, an·tiques
To give the appearance of an antique to: antiqued an oak chest.
To hunt or shop for antiques.

[French, from Latin antīquus; see ant- in Indo-European roots.]

an·tique′ly adv.
an·tique′ness n.


the quality of being antique
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The average antiqueness in job was 12.66 years (SD = 9.43).
Since he's nutty about vintage sixgun rigs, he's tried about everything to keep them going (without interfering with their "antiqueness," naturally).
Referring to the news article, 'Qatari royal pledged world's most expensive watch to Sotheby's', that appeared in Times of Oman, November 11, the ambassador believes that the watch that he owns is also very valuable, keeping in mind its antiqueness and exclusivity.